The man, The myth, The eyecberg

Dolla$ignDunn is a rapper from New Jersey best known for his gritty, smooth delivery on tracks always accompanied by insane, jazz-like sample based production. The name “Dunn” came from reciting Mobb Deep lyrics as a kid. An older cat from his neighborhood would greet him with “what up Dunn?!”. Repeating it back caused Dunn to become his nickname before he even noticed. The Dolla$ign came much later after Twitter hit the scene. 

The MC got his start around 2014 after tagging along to help with the growth of NJ independent label UPPERCLASS. Playing the background at the first, Dunn quickly rose through the ranks of other upcoming rappers, ultimately solidifying his own sound & image. The release of his SoundCloud single titled “ON MY OWN” kicked off the career he’s currently shaping into something beautiful. 

Prior to music D$D played college basketball at a small D2 school in upstate New York. Before that Dunn took interest in vintage clothes & urban streetwear. Running the streets with his crew in upstate New York he would frequently visit a makeshift home studio just to bullshit & pass time after school.  Releasing a few songs under the moniker “DUNN DADA” on youtube he added on to his legend being known as a rapper/basketball by his high school classmates but never took it serious until a later date. 

Since his 2014 start Dolla$ign has not let his foot off of the gas, releasing 2 EPs (SIGN LANGUAGE 2018 & ONE BAD DAY 2020) along with a string of illustrious loosies, as well a collaborative project titled SUMMERTIME IN JERSEY (2019). Live shows have become a favorite for Dunn too. Opening for acts such as Benny the Butcher, Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon & Dot Demo just to name a few. His raw delivery grabs fans attentions off the rip. 

As of now the goal has been strategy & patience, making sure the moves being made are the right moves. Playing the role of operations manager of his own career Dunn doesn’t shy away from exploring all sides of the business in an effort for him to succeed. 

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